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Trango Tower

Beyond the Summit Clients Say ...

"Todd Skinner is a quintessential leader. He has an outstanding ability to use his experiences to highlight key components of building a team and achieving success."
- Rational Software

"We loved his message - and appreciated that he didn't over-impress the metaphor to business, but appreciated our intelligence to make the association ourselves!"
- GE

"In my 32 year career I have been fortunate to hear some of the best business speakers of all time. I can honestly say that none of them held my attention and admiration more than Todd Skinner."
- Chief Executive Network

"Todd's talk was excellent. He was a tremendous hit with the audience and even got a standing ovation - our folks just don't do that...."
- Chubb Specialty Insurance

"Todd's presentation on the opening night of our business meeting set the stage for the entire event. Throughout our three-day meeting we returned constantly to the analogy of the mountain and the many points Todd discussed around such issues as goal setting, planning, teamwork and success... All issues that are clearly applicable to ensuring the success of any business or enterprise."

"Todd is CEMA's highest evaluated speaker ever. After speaking to our organization, we received numerous comments on having him present again and so invited him back. Members actually determined whether or not they would attend our conference based upon Todd's appearance!"
- Corporate Event Marketing Association

"I have to tell you that I have never heard a better business speaker than Todd Skinner. It was a rare privilege to meet in person an individual that personifies the ability to achieve the impossible."
- Chief Executive Network, attendee

"Todd's real-life and challenging message added perspective and insight to our leadership and team effectiveness thinking. His straightforward, experiential, and sometimes humorous style opened our minds to think about our summit challenges in more expansive and innovative ways. Todd's lessons for the next summit will continue to keep us focused on the ever-rising goal!"
- Jefferson Wells

"Todd Skinner continues to inspire long after the fact."
- CBT Systems

"Todd honed in on the similarities between ascending an unscalable piece of stone and maneuvering through the computer industry mine field. The audience was spellbound. He received a standing ovation."
- Apple Computers

"Todd Skinner's success on the Trango Tower climb was a perfect representation of the outcome you can expect when you combine thoughtful planning with flexible execution. When you apply Todd's lessons to any complex business case, you can be assured a successful outcome, especially if you can replicate his incredible synergy of mental dexterity and physical perseverance, 'six feet at a time'."
- Sunglass Hut International

"I want to thank you so much for working with us and helping us to get Todd as our speaker for this event. He absolutely was a HIT! I had so many people I can't even count come up to me and tell me how wonderful he was, thanked me for getting him as the speaker, some with so much enthusiasm it just made me feel so lucky to have been able to make it happen and that would not have been possible without your help. The entire audience was focused and enjoyed Todd's story, I have never seen a group of Microsoft folks not get up during something like this for work calls etc, I don't remember seeing a single person leave the room."
- Microsoft

" Todd speaks from the heart to your business intuitive sense. He came to us on short notice and ignited the room with "real" stories that we could all understand and apply to our business situations."
- QLM Consulting

"When you apply Todd's lessons to any complex business case, you can be assured a successful outcome, especially if you can replicate his incredible energy."
- Reebok International

"Todd's program was completely customized to support our company's objectives. Thanks to Todd, our new company motif is "Reach the Summit." An amazing story told by a man who re-lives it every time he tells it."
- NuVasive

"Every presentation at the conference passed along bits of wisdom and good ideas, but I haven't been able to get Todd Skinner's out of my mind. I only hope I can keep it there to spur me on to doing something significant."
- Chief Executive Conference

"Todd Skinner came to our meeting a rock climber with a story, but he left as a metaphor for what it takes to succeed in the face of great odds. Todd taught us that the summit is nothing more that a place to get a better view of where to go next."
- TAP Pharmaceuticals

"Todd Skinner was a tremendous success with our client! He hit their Leadership theme perfectly, clearly showing the connection between motivation and leadership. Todd presented remarkable new insight for achieving goals: that one must not set limits, but keep raising the platform for achievement. Todd kept the entire audience on the edge of their seats as we became 'one,' entranced by the delivery of his message."
- Creative Meetings and Incentives

"Todd was a huge hit at our meeting...he's a incredible person and speaker!!! Many times throughout the week, there were references to his message...he really inspired many....I could have sat and talked to him all day!"
- Aventis

"His presentations are impressive, full of drama and the business connection is "palpable"
- Remedy Corporation

"We heard nothing but praise regarding Todd's was absolutely captivating! I just finished "quantifying" the surveys and on a scale of 1 to 5, Todd scored 4.7, the highest ranked among all of our speakers (we had eight in all)!! Thanks!!
- Shea Homes

"Todd Skinner's story of preparing for and climbing Trango Tower in the Karakoram Himalayas was both spellbinding and practical. He made the entire journey applicable to our day to day business, while energizing our team for the year ahead."
- Shea Homes

"Todd's talk really energized the sales team. Everyone came away with a sense of mission and passion to get to the top of sales excellence. Your story is an inspiration for how to achieve the impossible. "

"Todd did a marvelous job speaking to the Victaulic Sales Team. His content reached our international audience, and they related to his high level messages. He is truly an inspirational person and a wonderful storyteller. Please pass along my thanks to Todd for kicking off our meeting with a motivating presentation."
- Victaulic Company

"I had the opportunity to hear you speak and chat with Todd briefly at the Accenture Siebel Leadership Council this past week at Amelia Island, Fla. I wanted to just drop you a line to say thank you. Over the past 7 years or so, I've sought out information, content and direction on leadership and team dynamics. I found you're story so rich with content, I know I'll pass these thoughts on to others on my team. I actually already have!"
- Accenture

"As a speaker, Todd delivers on the rare combination of being both captivating and relevant."
- Microsoft

"Motivational beyond belief!"
- Denver Clinical Society

"Todd Skinner is a dynamic and inspiring story teller. He helps each of us discover the potential to reach our own summit, personally and in business."
- Adobe Systems, Inc.

"We were so impressed with Todd Skinner that we have invited him back not once but twice. His incredible energy and tenacity is truly inspiring, to say nothing of the fact that his words were deeply relevant to our purposes."
- Silicon Graphics

"Our speaker's essential premise was that the top of the mountain is not the goal, but a vantage point for seeing other peaks. This is exactly the thinking we were trying to convey. Because the speaker and his message were such a strong fit, the event was an unprecedented success."
- Hitachi Data Systems

"It's not about climbing, or extreme sports or heroism or daredevil bravado. It's about goal setting, planning, teamwork, leadership, and learning to work with a given set of circumstances. Thanks to him this was the best annual meeting we've ever had."
- Citron Haligman Bedcarre

"The best conference speaker I've ever heard" "I sincerely appreciate your time and effort in the preparation and delivery of your presentation."
- Accenture

"I slipped into the audience last Friday in Las Vegas to join my husband, who is a new hire for Hitachi Data Systems. As a writer, I was interested in hearing from someone who must go it alone and whose goals are usually self-imposed. I was also interested to experience if any speaker could hold an audience's attention for the 1.5 hour slated.

"Todd Skinner was impressive to me for reasons that I will list: 1.) He was self-effacing and modest, which is something writers seldom encounter when they hear athletes; 2.) He gave speaking points that were extremely useful to me in attaining my own dreams; 3.) He spoke intriguingly, almost lovingly, of the gifts imparted by hardship and failure; 4.) He found the wherewithal to succeed in the absence of the usual kinds of endorsement or affirmation that most require. 5.) He was unsentimental in his own self-presentation; he courageously named his flaws and his miscalculations. 6.) He helped me better understand that successes - even for mountain climbers - are occasioned by the critical help and support of others. 7.) He confirmed that "heart" and "philosophy" are possibly even superior to talent in meeting one's goals.

"Please do tell him that as a result of his presentation I contacted a fellow artist today with the bodacious idea of forming an artist's collective to help support one another in meeting our goals. Had I not heard Todd's message, I am sure I would not have done this. Prior to his speech, I envisioned myself as solely responsible for my own successes or failures. Now I better understand that help comes from the most unlikely places at times -- and that the quest for a dream is always a plural experience.

"My thanks and good wishes to Mr. Skinner for his outrageous and moving example, and for his uncommon grace."
- Adobe attendee

"Todd exhibits an incredible energy and enthusiasm that is unmatched in other speakers. His sense of motivation, tenacity, and all out dedication has inspired us to bring him back for a second presentation."

- Senior Vice President
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

"I found Todd Skinner's presentation quite entertaining and at the same time quite provocative. His presentation helps us look introspectively at our own life journeys. It leads us to look at our goals, our ability and desire to push ourselves to achieve, and always being present in the moment. I appreciate American Express Centurion Bank providing the opportunity for Volunteers of America, Utah clients and staff to experience Trango Tower.

"It was one of those Magical nights when I saw the lights go on in several eyes--which said here is living proof that I can do the impossible or the difficult too; after watching those guys live through a 10 day blizzard, getting up to go to work doesn't seem like such a big deal"
- Volunteers of America